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Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

We capture the essence of competing at the highest level, how athletes behave and the values that surround this effective behaviour. 

It is our goal to translate this into an audience's working and private life, helping them build an Olympic performance of their own. We have the ability to initiate change in a company's single greatest asset – the performance and effectiveness of its people.


The Olympic Experience

This unique and impactful day creates an opportunity to energise the key players in your company. Like Olympians, to compete successfully, businesses should be continually striving for that extra edge to their performance. All the skills and knowledge development in the world will not generate maximum return if the behavioural aspects of performance are absent. Developing a winning mentality and a 'can do' attitude will undoubtedly help push individual, team and company performance forward.

Hosted by 2 successful Olympians along with an experienced business coach

• Sessions structured around our 5 Olympic Performance Traits

• Messages tailored to reflect your organisations requirements and aligned with our 5 traits

• Interactive input from the Olympians in a unique format

• Working in small groups to develop capability and build a network of like-minded individuals

The Olympic Experience

Training and Development

We differentiate our Training & Development solutions through the unique approach of incorporating the '5 Olympic Performance Traits' within each of our core programmes.

Training and Development

What makes BackleyBlack workshops different is our ability to embed the principles of Olympic excellence within highly engaging, business focused development. 

This unique design coupled with an interactive and pragmatic approach means that you can expect a far higher level of motivation and skill transfer, and in turn gain a greater level of performance in the workplace.


With a rich history and an appreciation of elite performance both in practice and analysis, at BackleyBlack we have identified what we believe to be the non-negotiable factors that drive great results. This model has been built, challenged and tested by many of the elite achievers that we have met over the years, and we feel represents the 'truths' of any top performer.

By incorporating these traits into our programmes, we can engender a philosophy of Olympic performance into your everyday activities.

"The impact you made was immediate and I could tell that the interest level you sustained throughout was absolute"

Trevor Smithers

Regional Development Manager



What is Mind-setting?

Mind-Setting is a new online personal development programme and step by step blueprint to help users optimise their performance. It integrates the best sports practices with proven personal development skills and habits of high performers, to help users to build the best version of themselves in their professional, sporting and everyday life.

Who is Mind-setting for?

Mind-Setting is designed for individuals who want to reach their goals quickly and efficiently. It is understood that performance comes from achieving excellence in 3 areas, namely; Knowledge - Skills - Behaviours.

Mind-setting focuses on the latter of these three divisions, and will guide users through the essential habits that make up effective behaviours - gleaned from industry leaders and effective performers in sport and business and that users

can transfer into their own world. We have identified and modelled the key skills and habits from sport and of successful people from other fields, and converted them into practices (a coaching point from either Steve or Roger)

that anyone can develop, and apply to everyday life.

How does the programme work?

Users are introduced to one of these 25 Practices via a short video, which will encourage users to begin envisioning how creating more positive habits can be applied to their own individual journey. Each Practice builds on the previous - as part

of a specific step by step system to deliver high performance.

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