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How to access Mind-Setting Videos

Step 1  

For Single Users

Simply register via the Mind-Setting link to access all 5 Phases of the Mind-Setting

videos, along with 20 Practices (within the videos) to start to build your own

winning Mindset.


For Multi-Users

Use the digital form on our contact page and one of our team will be in touch to

discuss your requirements. We can offer significant discounts for multiple users.


Remember to Download your Course Companion

Step 2

For Single Users 

Use your login details to manage your account. You can change your password and personal details through the link at the top right of the home page. You will be sent an access code for all of the 5 phases (20 Mind-Setting videos).


For Multi-Users

You can choose to access all 20 of the videos ‘all at once’ or they can be controlled and released by your own admin in 5 groups of 4, each with a unique password. Each subject has a short explanation of the content as well as a Practice at the end of each video.


Step 3

For Single Users 

Please retain you access code for future use. You can revisit and re-access each of the 20 Mind-Setting Videos at your own convenience.


For Multi Users

Please retain each of the passwords for future access. If you would like a single access code for all videos, our team can also share this with you.

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