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Olympic performance in the workplace

Our passion is to increase and sustain performance through learning and development that
makes a difference.

Drawing upon the experience of two of Great Britain's finest Olympic athletes, Steve Backley OBE and Roger Black MBE, and combining this with experienced business coaches, BackleyBlack enables individuals and organisations to gain knowledge of what drives sporting success, translating it into
real-life, day-to-day activities that can be acquired by anyone with the will to commit.



At Backleyblack, we’re super excited to be speaking at the upcoming BFA annual conference.

We especially look forward to building on our partnership with Ground and Air and talking everything performance. 

Do please come and say hi and meet the team on our exhibition stand throughout the day.

See you there!

Steve Backley, Roger Black, Paul Mallinson 

and the BackleyBlack Team


What makes BackleyBlack workshops different is our ability to embed the principles of Olympic excellence within highly engaging, business focused development. 

This unique design coupled with an interactive and pragmatic approach means that you can expect a far higher level of motivation and skill transfer, and in turn gain a greater level of performance in the workplace.


With a rich history and an appreciation of elite performance both in practice and analysis, at BackleyBlack we have identified what we believe to be the non-negotiable factors that drive great results. This model has been built, challenged and tested by many of the elite achievers that we have met over the years, and we feel represents the 'truths' of any top performer.

By incorporating these traits into our programmes, we can engender a philosophy of Olympic performance into your everyday activities.

"The impact you made was immediate and I could tell that the interest level you sustained throughout was absolute"

Trevor Smithers

Regional Development Manager


FINAL - Perform in Property TM.png

Perform In Property, the first British training programme of its kind brings together leaders in their field; the best performance athletes with an outstanding property investment training organisation. We empower our students to take control of their financial future by providing three tiers of reality – based training and time-tested resources designed to help them achieve the level of performance and financial independence they desire. 

Perform in Property
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